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Live Chat Service & Software Features

Your website will be powered by an Industry Leading Chat Software with unmatched features. Here is the list...

24/7 Support

An uninterrupted activity on your website, a non-stop journey

Visitors are more likely to anticipate answers to their questions right there. Perhaps they’re after an overview of your products/services before taking a step forward. No matter what time of day it is, we at TheChatinc are there round-the-clock, sleeplessly. Our 24/7 support helps you make most of every live engagement!

Facebook Messenger Chats

Your Facebook followers get prompt attention

TheChatinc’s 24/7 Live Chat team will actively respond to your official Facebook page as well. If you are running ads and various marketing tools on Facebook, this is feature can certainly add a value to your efforts. Visitors landing on your Facebook page, get in touch with our live agents and we focus on converting them into potential leads.


Your team and TheChatinc complete the clock together

Co-Chat allows your team to handle the chat engagements during your hours of operation. You will be given user access to our full featured live chat panel. When you’re closed, we take the wheel and start handling chats for rest of the day.

Google Analytics Integration

Keep track of your web traffic and chat engagements with Google Analytics

TheChatinc’s software can easily be integrated with Google Analytics platform. This helps you run analysis on invitation sources of traffic and leads. All chat events taking place within our software are directly pushed to Analytics instantly.


Your visitors interact with our team via Text Messaging

Through a button placed on your website, the visitors have an option to communicate with our live agents conveniently. It will be a simple text conversation for them. For those who prefer to use SMS/Text, it’s a very useful feature considering the ease of replying as per convenience. All they need to do is just enter their number and a chat gets initiated.

Live Call Connect

An instant live call with your prospect customers is just a click away

A lead when converted, reaches your sales team then and there in form of a phone call. Our agents after making sure it’s convenient for your visitor to speak over the phone, place the call so that you can convert warm leads into sales. Your hours of operation are always taken into account.

Increased Leads

Live engagements resulting in warm leads

People these days are more likely to opt a live person assistance over contact form submission. An instant live conversation is certainly something helping your customer support reflect your ‘happy-to-assist’ quality. TheChatinc team is highly experienced when it comes to online support for all major industries. Let us take care of it and see the right leads coming your way.

CRM Integration

The generated leads reach your CRM database for easy access

Your potential leads go directly to the CRM system you have your data stored in. This helps your business development team have everything under one roof and manage everything conveniently. This integration works with all major lead management applications.

Web-Based Chat Portal

A dashboard with complete data of live engagements and transcripts

You can access our chat portal anytime. We’ll set up an account for you, that you will just need logging in to using your credentials. The dashboard contains all chat engagement records for any given period.

Customizable Branding & UI

We’ll make the live chat widget blend with your website theme

It’s important to consider your branding while having the chat feature up. That’s why we have the widget blending with the overall look of your website. We’ll provide you with an array of available customization options, so you choose what looks good! The greetings and window popup will be all custom.

14-days of a free trial and the increase in number of clients will say it all. Ready?

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